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Radar and Laser Protection:

A complete defense system against speeding tickets that would be invisible within the fine interiors of todays exotic vehicles.

Optimized DatadyneTM Processor -  An advanced radar receiver design and waveguide antenna provides a dramatic increase in performance to all police radar technology, especially to the latest digital Ka band radar guns.
Patented Dual Receiver Technology* – While other detectors can claim to offer complete detection, only Calibre can deliver true front and rear protection, because only Calibre utilizes two separate radar receivers installed in two different locations on your vehicle to maximize warnings and pinpoint the exact location of police radar.
One TouchTM Remote Control – Only Calibre offers a wireless remote control that can be placed anywhere inside the vehicle, allowing you to easily adjust power, city/highway, voice/tone, and volume/mute settings at the touch of a button.
Custom Blue Warning Display – Vibrant blue LEDs mount discreetly in the instrument cluster or dash.  This allows the driver to maintain the factory aesthetics of the vehicle, while completely hiding the presence of a radar detector to police or thieves.  Separate LEDs provide distinct visual information that lets you know where the threat is coming from – front or rear.
Amplified Speaker – An amplified, audio quality speaker allows you to hear all warnings clearly and easily, even in convertibles or vehicles with noisy cabins.
Voice Alerts – New digital voice alerts provide clear voice confirmation of the radar band detected and the direction of the signal (e.g. “FRONT K BAND” OR “REAR KA BAND”).
Easy MuteTM – The convenience of the One Touch Remote Control allows you to quickly and safely mute an active radar warning with a single press of any of the three buttons on the controller.
Advanced City Mode – In this mode, false alerts are virtually eliminated by removing X-band warnings, the most common source of non-police radar signals.
Exclusive Auto Mute – Calibre’s unique Auto Mute circuit provides audible alerts for several seconds during a radar encounter and then automatically switches to a quiet clicking to reduce distraction during prolonged encounters.  After 60 seconds of clicking, the system goes to full mute.
Laser Stealth TechnologyTM- By integrating the optional  Laser Defuser EX or Laser Defuser EX-2, Calibre deactivates any police laser capability with a powerful infrared signal that’s sent back to the gun at a pulse rate it cannot understand.  A unique audible and visual warning alerts you of the threat, giving you the time neeed to react and safely reduce speed.
VG-2 Immunity – Our Calibre Radar Detectors are immune to the VG-2 radar detector detector (RDD).  However, there are several new RDD’s such as the Spectre I, Spectre II, Spectre III and the Spectre Elite that can detect your radar detector.  If you drive in Virginia, Washington D.C., or Canada, we recommend that you turn your radar detector off.


Don’t Just Drive… Drive Smarter

Escort Radar manufactures the best radar detectors you can buy. With the most advanced radar detector on the market, Escort Radar’s Passport 9500ix will keep you aware of the various threats you face while driving.

The PASSPORT 9500ix wins!
Best Radar Detector for Avoiding Red Light Tickets
Why it’s best: Remember how the helpful people at the AAA office made up a vacation TripTik for your mom and dad and highlighted areas of known police presence? (Like all of the state of Georgia.) Fast forward to the 21st century. Now the Escort Passport 9500ix includes an updatable database of known photo radar sites and red light cameras and an embedded GPS receiver that warns as you’re approaching a danger zone.

The PASSPORT 9500ci wins!
Best Installed Radar Detector and Laser Jammer
Why it’s best: The Passport 9500ci includes every available advanced feature and is the only unit to incorporate the utility of GPS to identify false alarms and confirmed threats. The 9500ci uses a laser shifting technology to jam laser guns aimed at your vehicle. Increasingly, speeding tickets now come from laser speed guns, not radar.

The PASSPORT 9500ix WINS 2009 CES Innovations Award
The PASSPORT 9500ix (the most intelligent, fully automatic radar and laser detector ever designed) was awarded a 2009 CES Innovations Awards for In-Vehicle Accessories.
Honorees for the Innovations Design and Engineering Awards Showcase were selected by a preeminent panel of judges consisting of independent industry designers, engineers and journalists.

Rear view Camera Systems and Auto Security System Technologies

For many years, Vision Tech America Inc. has been exploring consistently developing our products that incorporate innovative automobile technology through U.S. industry. Finally, Vision Tech America meets the requirement what currently industry and individual needs. Today, Vision Tech America is one of the few leading companies in the world capable of offering complete innovative automobile electronics. This is the focus of our groundbreaking and ongoing High Performance functionality and capability.
Vision Tech America is a company that focuses on aftermarket rear view camera system and auto security system technology. We aim to gain competitive advantage through superior products, a leading brand and a flexible production structure. We deliver better solution and customer satisfaction through a combination of our high quality product base that is continuously kept up-to- date through input from our extensive fleet of surveying new technology with our intelligent creative teams.

Smart Start Technologies

Start your car from virtually anywhere with your smart phone.



Chameleon Headrest
Headrest Monitor with Built-in DVD Player

In 1975, we began an amazing journey and started Concept Enterprises, Inc. We wanted to create the ultimate entertainment experience for car owners, and Coustic was born to that vision. That name defined car electronics, and shaped an industry.

We had bigger and better things in mind, however. When Coustic was sold to Mitek Corp. in 1999, Concept was born. Like its predecessor, Concept has redefined car audio. Driven by the same desire and vision since 1975, Concept created an industry by introducing the first DVD entertainment system for the car. The rest, as they say, is history.

The year 2010 marks the 35th anniversary of Concept Enterprises Inc. The company has achieved tremendous success with the launch of Coustic, Concept, Roadview, and Chameleon, along with numerous innovation awards, patents, and other engineering accolades. But the real success will come in the decades to follow

Product Detail:

• Built-in DVD Player compatible with DVD/VCD/MP3/MP4/CD-R/CD-RW/DIVX
• LED backlit panels for exceptional picture quality, high efficiency and long life
• Cover colors easily interchangeable between black, grey and tan to match vehicle interior (all 3 colors included)
• Pole distance adjustable from 4”-7” apart for universal fit
• Free tilt mechanism allows for adjustment to optimal viewing angle
• Mini USB port and SD/MMC card slot for music, image and video files
• Automatically selects PAL/


• Front 3.5mm jack for headphones
• 2 A/V inputs
o One 3.5mm front input jack
o One wired RCA input
• 1 A/V RCA output
• Wireless remote control
• Built-in dual-channel speaker
• Built-in FM transmitter
• Built-in dual channel IR transmitter
o Ch A: 2.3MHz(left)-2.8MHz(right)
o Ch B: 3.2MHz(left)-3.8MHz(right) 
• 7”(16:9) TFT LCD display
• Resolution: 480(H) X 3(RGB) X 234(W)
• Number of Pixels: 336,960
• Brightness: 400 cd/m2
• Power supply: DC +12V (10.6V-15.8V) .
• Power consumption: 12W
• Operating temperature:-10ºC to +60ºC.
• Dimensions: 11” x 6” x 14 ¾” 
• Weight: 3.7 lbs.