Parts & Packages

Heated Seats –  Dual Temperature_____$450
Cruise Control_____$499
Some vehicles may need to be computer activated-add $100.00

Power Windows/Locks – Power Door Locks   2 Doors_____$375
Power Door Locks   4 Doors_____$550
Add Keyless Entry for_____$175
Price includes vehicles equipped with cable drive door lock actuators

Power Windows – 2 Doors_____$600
Power Windows – 4 Doors_____$925
Power Windows and locks 2 door vehicles_____$825
Power Windows and locks 4 door vehicles_____$1425

Single Din AM/FM single CD, Bluetooth and AUX port start at _____$230
Double Din AM/FM single CD, Bluetooth, AUX port start at_____$275
Custom fiberglass subwoofer/speaker boxes/pods starting at_____$150
We SPECIALIZE in custom work.  See our audio specialist Moe for more details.

Parrot hand free cell phone only_____$250
Parrot hands free cell phone with display screen w/ caller ID_____$300
Parrot hands free cell phone with color display screen, music. Streaming from cell phone or ipod _____$420

DVD Systems
Drop down DVD Players (in ceiling)
9” monitor_____ $700
11.2” monitor_____$800
add playstation to any DVD monitors_____$150

Head Rest DVD players
Single DVD headrest kit where the same movie is on both screens_____$900

Dual DVD where same or different movies can play on each screen_____$950
Cut in DVD headrest kits for cloth interior
This is available only as a single DVD player (one movie for both screens)_____$900

Navigation Systems
Replacement radio that includes a touch screen, single DVD, navigation, MP3/DVD/IPOD_____$950
Add for steering wheel controls_____$150
Add Satellite Radio _____$75

Remote Starts
Remote Start for Key start vehicles_____$230
Add for 80-bit Ford Keys (or lose a key) _____$30
Add for push to start intelligent key systems_____$200

Keyless Entry/Alarm
Keyless entry_____$175
Add for power trunk release_____$40
Keyless entry with alarm_____$199
We can add remote start to any keyless entry at a later date if you so choose.

Back up Sensors/Cameras
4 sensor back up system mounted in the bumper_____$325.00
2 sensor back up system mounted in the bumper_____$275.00
Under the bumper sensors for chrome bumpers_____$350.00
Back up camera that clips on the the existing rear view mirror_____$500.00